Favorite Skin Care Products


Mario Badescu Rose Water Spray has to be one of my favorite products. I love applying it before I do make-up or after I finish. I also apply it when I don’t wear make-up, in the morning or before bed. The rose has always been one of my favorite flowers, so having that scent is refreshing. I’m OBSESSED!


Mario Badescu Drying Lotion is a product that I use when I have any small blemishes. I apply it where my blemish is before bed and leave it on ’til the morning. The blemish is no longer noticeable or it went down completely after a night’s rest. It does sting a little but it’s not unbearable. I highly recommend this product. 


      Mario Badescu Oil Free Moisturizer w/ SPF 30 Sunscreen is another favorite of mine. I have sensitive but also dry skin at times. I struggle to find products that moisturize enough without causing oily skin, breakouts or itching. Finding a SPF day cream has been an ongoing hunt, until I tried this. So I decided to give this a go and I’m couldn’t be any happier. While others find it greasy, I find it moisturizing. I find there is a light smell to it that is faintly similar to sunscreen in a way. I have no issues putting makeup over this. I can also go bare-faced without looking like I just slathered oil on while using this; I just have a glow and plump, moisturized skin. I recommend this less for oily types, and more for sensitive, or slightly dry skin types.

 morningburstFor my morning routine, I use the Clean & Clear Morning Burst from NeutrogenaI love getting up in the morning and using this product, it actually wakes me up. Since I have both a combination of dry and oily skin, if my face is dry, I will apply moisturizer after. If you have severe blemishes this can work for you too. I only use it to get a fresh cleanse in the mornings & prevent any future blemishes.


For my night routine, I use the Clean & Clear Night Relaxing deep cleaning face wash from Neutrogena. I have been using this product for a while now and I’m still in love with it. It makes my skin so soft and beautiful. As you know I love the morning face wash as well. I try not to use this product every night because it can dry my skin out since I’m already using the morning one. Sometimes I will just use a night cream like Olay, Vitamin E, or Neutrogena.

These are the products I absolutely love to use for removing make-up. For the Garnier, I use cotton pads to remove make-up. I was surprised & impressed on how well it works. It doesn’t irritate my skin at all. I love how my skin feels so soft after using it. This has been and to this day is still one of my favorites. I’ll be sticking with it. As far as the Neutrogena products, I use the make-up remover wipes when I’m too tired to stand and remove my makeup. The fresh foaming cleanser is a product I recently tried out & I like it; smells nice. So far it works perfectly for me.